Amazing Cat Stories – Abandoned Kitten Learns to Walk


I love sharing amazing cat stories and in this story we meet Thumper and his amazing tail of survival.

A kitten named Thumper was abandoned by it’s owners because of a rare neurological disorder that disabled the poor kitty and left him unable to walk.

He was found in a Los Angeles yard and sent to the good people over at People and Cats Together (PACT).

The people at PACT refused to give up on their precious little survivor so they decided to build him a kind of make-shift walker.

Thumper’s Tail of Hope Documentary

Source:  Tails of Hope

Thumper used the walker daily and eventually learned how to walk!

This is a beautiful story of how people who love cats can make a difference and the wonderful kitten who despite abandonment and disease, survived and can now stand up on his own four paws.

If you’d like to provide Thumper with his forever home and live in the Redondo Beach area, Thumper is listed at Petfinder as available.

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