Amazing Cat Stories – Yoda The Four Eared Cat


I’ve seen some amazing cat stories, and this one is pretty amazing.

Here’s a story about a cat that might have been destroyed as a freak, but became a fabulously famous feline instead.

Ted and Valerie Rock didn’t realize the incredible luck they had when they entered that particular bar on that particular day.  The owners of the bar were trying to get rid of all the kittens in a litter their cat had but the very last kitten was a bit unusual.

This particular kitten had 4 ears!

Yoda, the Cat with 4 Ears


Image Source:  Youtube

When the waitress brought over that last kitten, it immediately nestled on Ted’s shoulder.  Now old Ted was not what you’d call a cat-person, but how could he resist this funny looking little creature with what appeared to be a pair of horns growing out of it’s head?

Long story short, Ted and Valerie took the little kittie home, and the rest is, as they say, history.

Since adopting Yoda, formerly known as Devil Cat or Beelzebub because of it’s extra pair of pointy, horn-like ears, their lives have never been the same.

Glenn Olsen, Valerie’s son, posted pics of the funny looking little kittie on Flickr and the images almost immediately went viral.

Soon, the kitten attracted the attention of Associated Press, People Magazine and National Geographic for kids just to name a few.  It seemed that Yoda was destined for international fame.

Recently, Yoda was the subject of a piece by Animal Planet during his appearance at the Downer’s Grove Public Library.

Fans of the feisty feline came from all over to get a look at Yoda who has become quite the local celebrity.

The Animal Planet episode was part of the new show “Must Love Cats“, hosted by John Fulton.

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