Animal News : Well-Adjusted Pets at the Chiropractor


In Animal News today is a story about animals receiving alternative medical treatments for their ailments.

There is some controversy as to whether animals actually receive any benefit from chiropractic treatment however there are many pet owners who swear by it.

I think that pet lovers should do whatever they feel will help their pet!  Don’t you?

Animal News : Well-Adjusted Pets at the Chiropractor

Maureen Wilkins and her 6-year-old Russian Peterbald cat, Isak, both get adjustments from Shannon Gaertner-Ewing, a chiropractor in Nampa, Idaho. Ms. Wilkins, 60, had been seeing Dr. Gaertner-Ewing herself on a weekly basis and started bringing in Isak three years ago.

“Isak is inclined to get grumpy, and it’s my understanding that’s usually because he’s hurting,” said Ms. Wilkins, a retired teacher who pays $20 per visit. “So, when Isak gets particularly grumpy and starts beating up on his feline brother or he jumps someplace and then falls off, we take him to Dr. G. She adjusts him, and it’s like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. His attitude improves, he becomes Mr. Cuddles. He can’t get enough affection.”

Source:  NY Times

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