Bill Maher Calls for an End to Cat Cruelty by UW


The University of Wisconsin has been cited by Bill Maher for their cruel experiementation on cats.  He’s calling for an end to these heinous experiements.

In a personal message that was auto-dialed to faculty and staff as well as members of the board of Regents and area residents.

Bill Maher Calls Out UW-Madison’s Cruel Experiments on Cats—Literally

“On this very campus, dozens of live cats have holes drilled into their skulls, steel posts screwed to their heads, and metal coils implanted in their eyes,” Maher said. “Some cats have had their ears cut off. Others are intentionally deafened. … It strikes me that it’s not the cats who need their heads examined …. I’m calling on you to join me in helping to end this abuse.”

Source: Peta

The practice of experimentation on cats and other animals should be banned at the University level.  I cannot abide this kind of cruelty even in the name of science.

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