Can there be an end to cat allergies?


There are so many people who would benefit if there could be an end to cat allergies.

My daughter suffers from cat allergies big time.  She gets asthma to the point where she has to be taken to the emergency room.  This new research could literally save her life!


New research reveals how cat dander triggers allergic responses.

Scientists have discovered that when the cat protein Fel d 1 is in the presence of very low doses of the ubiquitous environmental bacterial toxin, lipopolysaccharide (LPS), it activates the pathogen recognition receptor Toll-like receptor 4. Until now, it was not understood how Fel d 1 generated such a large inflammatory response in the immune system.

Allergic reactions are the result of the immune system overreacting to a perceived danger. Instead of identifying and responding to a harmful virus or bacteria, it misidentifies different allergens, including dander (microscopic pieces of animal skin often accompanied by dried saliva from grooming), as dangerous and mounts an immune response.

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This is amazing news for people who suffer from cat allergies.  My fiance also suffers from cat allergies and Pomegranate is her cat!

She’s been feeling kinda sick recently and decided to go to several doctors including an allergist.  Turned out she’s allergic to the cat she has owned for over 8 years.  How cool would it be to not have to worry about cat allergies?