Cat Behavior: What I THOUGHT I knew about my cat.


When it comes to cat behavior, I thought I understood my cat pretty well.

When I come home, Pomegranate throws himself on the floor belly up and I thought that meant he wanted me to scratch his belly, just like when my dogs do it.

I was wrong!  I just read this article that explains a lot about the meaning of various cat behaviors and I have to admit, I was wrong about lots of ’em.


Cat Behavior: Think You Know Your Cat?  Think Again …

Every cat owner likes to think they share a special bond with their feline friend, but experts believe that many people might be missing the chance to communicate effectively.

Britain’s leading cat charity has produced a video guide to cat behaviour after a study found many owners struggle to understand their pet.

The Cats Protection video dispels popular myths such as cats licking their lips when they are hungry or wanting their tummies scratched when they roll over.

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So I guess I didn’t know much about cat behavior after all. How did you do? Did you know about all these behaviors?

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