Cat Breeds: Bengal Cats Featured at Garden State Cat Show


I really wanted to attend the Garden State Cat Show and see all the fabulous cat breeds featured there, but alas, I was unable to go.

Next time this show rolls around, I’m gonna make more of an effort for sure.  In the meantime, one of the cat breeds that came up in the news was the Bengal Cat.


These beautiful cats are a cross between a domestic cat and a while cat called the Asian Leopard cat.  Freaky huh?  But this exotic mix of domestic and wild, makes for a really beautiful breed.

Cat Breeds:  Bengal beauties at the recent Garden State Cat Show

There was a special room set aside for viewing and interacting with these lovely cats at the recent Garden State Cat Show/Expo. Billed as one of the top two cat shows held in the United States, the Garden State Cat Show/Expo is the largest event of its kind on the east coast.

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These really are a beautiful breed of cat which I for one want to learn more about.

Don’t you?

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