Cat Breeds : The Munchkin Cat


If you ever get to The Land Of Oz, you might find some of these cute little cats known as the Munchkin Cat Breed!

These little kitties are about as cute as can be.  They are specifically bred to be shorter (and subsequently cuter) than other cats.

If you’ve ever seen a Savannah Cat, these itty bitty kitties are to Savannah’s what Chihuahua’s are to Great Danes.

Cat Breeds:  The Munchkin Cat

The Munchkin is a relatively new breed that has become more popular over the past few years. These cats are essentially feline dwarfs – the result of a shortened bone mutation that appears now and then in domestics and has been selectively used in breeding to produce cats that look like Dachshunds.


Ok, this cat breed definitely falls into the OMG . . . so cute category!


These cats are designed for maximum cuteness for sure.


How can you not love a cat that is bred to be playful, affectionate, sweet tempered and cute!

I think I want one . . . how about you?

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