Cat Cruelty : Kitten Placed in Microwave Oven


In an incredible story of cat cruelty, a kitten was placed in a microwave oven by two incredibly stupid teen-aged girls!

The video shows the girls putting a kitten in a microwave and turning it on.  Not only did they cause the kitten to suffer, but they actually stood by and laughed while doing it and recorded themselves in the act.

Cat Cruelty : Teen girls shown in Twitter video putting helpless kitten in the microwave and turning it on

Two teenage girls who uploaded a video of them giggling as they put a kitten in a microwave, which they then turned on, have landed themselves in trouble with the police.

The 15-year-olds from Maine now face animal cruelty charges after the shocking video was posted to Twitter on Friday.

Fortunately, the eight-week-old kitten survived, but the harrowing video has shocked the South Portland community where the video was circulated.


The girls actually had the audacity (and stupidity) to record their crime and post it online!

Thankfully, the kitten survived the ordeal and was removed from the home.

The kitten’s owner agreed to hand it over to animal welfare officers, and it is currently being treated by the Animal Rescue League.

Facebook post for the rescue center said the kitten was making good progress, and has been renamed Miracle after surviving the horrific ordeal.

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If it were up to me, I’d give these two heartless girls a taste of their own medicine.


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