Cat Health: Keeping your Cat Cool in the Summer


The summer sun brings thoughts of family fun, barbeques and walks along the beach for us, but these days can be torturous for our feral feline friends.

an image of cats Supervisando la avenida

Many good samaritans are caring enough to care for feral cats in their neighborhood but the dog days of summer can be especially challenging for cats.

Take a look at the tips in this article and you’ll be sure to have some cool cats this summer.

Keep Cats Cool with Alley Cat Allies’ Summer Tips

“Warmer weather means special considerations for feral cat colony care. We’ve got tips for keeping the outdoor cats you care for happy, healthy, and cool. Place narrow, deep water bowls in the shade to reduce evaporation. Keep wet food from drying out by adding a little water. Elevate feeding stations and surround them with baking soda to deter insects. Take care when you TNR! Always keep an eye on cats in traps, and don’t place traps on hot surfaces. Read more warm weather cat care tips.”

If you are like we are, you probably take care of more than just the cats in your home.  Hopefully these tips will provide useful as you care for your friendly neighborhood cats.

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