Cat News : 7 Images That Will Change Your Mind About Feral Cats


This is a horrible piece of cat news about Feral Cats from PETA.

The 7 images associated with this article will literally turn your stomach but it’s important information that people deserve to know about.

Feral cats are domesticated cats that have become homeless but that doesn’t mean that they don’t want homes or need care.


Image By Sara Golemon (Feral cats) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


Cat News : 7 Images That Will Change Your Mind About Feral Cats

When you see free-roaming cats, don’t assume that they belong to someone. They may be lost or abandoned and in need of care, shelter, or medical treatment. Many animal shelters and animal control departments rent or loan box traps that can be used to capture feral and frightened cats humanely so that they can be taken to a reputable, open-admission shelter and those who are lost will have a chance to be safely reunited with their guardians or be placed for adoption.


I really hate seeing these images because I hate cruelty to animals and especially cruelty to cats.  I hope that the people who do these kinds of things to cats get their just deserts at some point soon so they can feel the pain of this kind of cruelty themselves.

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