What About Feral Cats This Winter?


I wrote a post about protecting cats during winter that was mostly targeted at pet owners, but what about Feral cats this winter?

These cats live in the wild and don’t have owners to protect them.  So is there anything that we, as cat lovers, can do?

AlleyCats.Org is on the forefront of this issue and they have information for anyone who cares.

In a PSA by Jackson Galaxy, the host of “My Cat From Hell” on Animal Planet, he explains some things we should know about Feral Cats and how to help them.

 The Scoop on Feral Cats

This winter, let’s remember our feral feline friends and do what we can to help them.

To learn more about feral cats, what you can do to help, visit the Alley Cat Allies at http://www.alleycat.org

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