Funny Cat Pics : The BookShelfies Collection


I found some Funny Cat Pics that fall into a category to themselves.

Have you heard of bookshelfies?

Neither had I until I came across this …


24 Photos That Prove Cats Take Better Bookshelfies Than Humans

Isaac Fitzgerald, a McSweeneys’ publicist and former managing editor of the Rumpus, and Max Fenton, an editor at The Believer, recently started a craze for what they call bookshelfies. They are, to put it briefly, selfies taken in front of bookshelves.

Source: Flavorwire

Some of these images are wonderful!  Visit Flavorwire to see all 24 of these wonderful feline bookshelfies.

Image Source: Flavorwire : Photo by Kevin Steele @Flickr.


Image Source: Flavorwire

Funny Kitty Pics

Image Source: Flavorwire

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