How to Stop a Cat from Clawing Furniture


When I moved into my new apartment, we bought new furniture.

We also bought a cat tower with many carpeted areas and roped areas for Pomegranate to scratch to his hearts content.

Yeah, right!

Stop a Cat from Clawing Furniture Step 1

Furniture is destroyed, cat tower is still in pristine condition … of course.

Here are some tips I wish I’d known before buying the new furniture

Cats clawing on furniture and other household furnishings may be purely destructive behavior from your point of view but not from the cat’s point of view. To them it’s natural behavior, following a need to keep their claws in top shape and to leave visual and scent markings on the object, communicating territory boundaries to other cats and other animals. In addition, scratching provides a form of exercise for cats, stretching and retracting their shoulders, legs, and paws.[1] Because scratching is a natural activity for cats, protecting your furniture and other household goods may take a little ingenuity and effort on your behalf but is not impossible.

1. Appreciate the purpose of scratching or clawing. A cat doesn’t scratch to give you grief. A cat scratches because it’s a form of exercise for the cat’s muscles from the claws right through to the legs, shoulders, and down the back.[2] In addition, scratching also sharpens cats’ claws and cleans the exterior sheath…

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So what do you think? Are these good tips?

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