Domestic Cat Breeds: The Persian cat


For cat enthusiasts looking for the perfect pet, it is important to realize that there are multiple domestic cat breeds.

Without doubt, felines are lovely pets and may be easily trained to fit right in to your home. You will find a plethora of cat breeds on the internet and discover tons of great information about each one.

Hopefully, after doing a bit of internet surfing, you’ll be able to choose which breed you want to become your companion.

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Here is some information about one of our favorite breeds, the Persian.

Domestic Cat Breeds: The Persian Cat

Domestic Cat Breeds: Persian

Image by: Pguthrie

One of the most popular breeds of cat is the Persian.

It’s no surprise why the Persian continues to be among the most popular cat breeds for decades.  They have beautiful thick fur and sweet, gentle tendencies.

You’ll find Persians in a multitude of colors, including black, gray, orange and also the popular whitened.

Persians refers to Persia (Iran) where similar cats are found but it was in the United States where the breed was developed to what we currently consider the Persian cat.

If you choose a Persian cat as your pet, you’ll enjoy a beautiful variety of cat breed that is generally considered a quiet cat that is friendly and affectionate.

If you are looking for a gorgeous companion who will snuggle up and be your companion for life, you can’t go wrong with a Persian.

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