Remembering 9/11 – The Cat Victims


9/11/01 is a date that will forever be etched into the hearts and minds of Americans and people all around the globe.

I was just arriving at the Grand Central Station in New York and had stopped to buy a cup of coffe and a cigarette.  Suddenly, I noticed how quiet it had gotten suddenly and how nearly all the people there were looking up and staring at the television monitors that surrounded the newstand!

I wandered over, wondering what was going on and that’s when I saw the video replay of the 1st plane crashing into the 1st tower.  I was dumbfounded, confused and more than a little frightened.  What I saw that day is something that I never could have imagined happening yet there it was, right before my eyes.

When we think of 9/11, hardly anyone thinks about the animal victims, the many dogs and cats, that were affected by that tragedy, yet there were many.


9/11: Remember the Cat Victims

Most people don’t think about cats when they think of 9/11. But the cats that lived near and in the area, as well as those cats who were owned by victims of 9/11, were effected as well.

That day, 10 years ago, is burned into my memory, as it is so many Americans. My thoughts were on the victims, their families, the horridness of the tragedy and safety of the country. But, my thought was also on the animal victims!

I remember after the dust settled (literally) seeing videos of cats on the streets, cats in abandoned buildings, sitting in window sills, left behind and scared. No one can tell the cats what happened. No one can explain that someone will be there to rescue them.

Source:  The Examiner

These helpless victims of 9/11 must be remembered today as well.  How many cats ended up stranded, homeless and perhaps ended up being feral cats who were further victimized by heartless cruelty?

On this day of remembrance, let us not forget our furry friends who suffered along with their humans.

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