Amazing cat stories: Cats survive shipwreck!


When you are out on your boat and it suddenly explodes, can your cats exhibit this behavior?  These cats were involved in a friggin boat explosion and survived!

They found themselves on a floating inferno and did what most animals would do (I imagine), they let instinct take over and the SWAM to safety.

Would you’re precious pussy survive in this scenario?  I don’t know, but I do know that Pom Pom would fight mightily to be with his family!



Cats Swim To Safety After Oregon Boat Explosion

PORTLAND, Ore. — When the engine of their tuna boat exploded last week, owners Mark and Cynthia Schneider had no choice but to jump into the ocean and leave behind their two cats on the doomed vessel.

After being rescued by a nearby boat, they were stunned when they looked out at their sinking boat and saw one of the cats – a tabby named Jasper – on the bow. The other cat, a calico named Topaz, was in the ocean and eventually swam through the debris to safety on the rescue boat.

Source: Huffington Post Cat News

Was that an amazing story or what?  I am so glad it had an happy ending though.  I really would not have been happy if the cats had not survived.

Keep this in mind Boat owners who take your animals on your boat … your animals need LIFE PRESERVERS!

Rant over.

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